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 Graeme Sadler -CIM Coach

What is your running background?  I started running track and cross country at Roseville High School and then ran steeplechase and the 5k at American River College. I took a step back in running after 2 years at American River. I loved the competitive nature of the sport, but wanted to find even more happiness in running. I still like to improve myself by getting faster and stronger, but I truly enjoy helping others succeed in their running goals. 

How long have you been coaching?  I started working at Fleet Feet in 2005 and started coaching for Fleet Feet in 2010. I have coached 8 different programs from beginner on up, 3 of those being CIM training programs.

What is your favorite part of coaching?  One of the greatest feelings for me is watching someone finish something that they once thought they could never do. Coaching is my way to give back to the sport, and a way that I feel like I can have a positive impact in life. 

Rachel Shebert -CIM Coach

What is your athletic background?  I started working at Fleet Feet in 2014 and am currently a student at Sacramento State. I ran track for two years at St. Francis High School, played competitive soccer for about 15 years, and rowed for the University of San Diego for one year.

How did you transition from your previous sports to running?  When I started working at Fleet Feet I was roped into running my first marathon and have been hooked ever since then. Since then I have run multiple marathons and have raced distances ranging from 10Ks to 50Ks. My favorite race distance is 50K. This year will be my first time actually racing CIM.

How did you decide to become a coach?  After helping out with the training groups last year I was motivated to get more involved and am excited to help people achieve their goals and finish their first marathon or achieve a personal record.

Rochelle Gamette -Half Marathon/Marathon Coach

I started running about 15 years ago when the challenge of a triathlon peaked my interest.  I loved the variety and challenge of multi-sport training.  After competing in several triathalons and duathlons, I transitioned into long distance running with Shamrock’n being my first half marathon.  I have since accomplished countless half marathons, several marathons and 50k trail runs.  

Running brings me great joy and I love sharing the sport with others and my family.  I have been a youth cross country coach for kids ages 9-13 for the last 7 years.  I began working at Fleet Feet 4 years ago to further share my experience and education in running with others. 

I am thrilled to have joined the Fleet Feet coaching team in 2017 with the CIM training program.  I enjoy encouraging both new and experienced runners to accomplish their goals.  Together we can train smart, have fun and cross the finish line!

Amy Phillips -Trail Team Coach

My Running Background: I Ran Cross Country & Track in High School and then ran competitively on the road for many years.  Five years ago I started hitting the trails and fell in love with Trail Ultras…So much that I completed my fist 100 miler, The Western States Endurance Run this past June. 

My Favorite Thing About Coaching: I love watching someone that may initially be scared or intimidated by a certain distance or terrain and then after some training they not only end up conquering their fear but reach their goal and become very successful at it.  

Other Things to Know About Me: I am a Sports Nutritionist and an RRCA and USATF certified Running Coach and have been working at Fleet Feet for almost four years.

Monica Shelley -Trail Training Coach

I ran Cross Country and Track throughout high school and for one year in college, as well as dabbling in road races ranging from the 5k to the marathon.  After taking mostly a break in my 20’s to have kids, I eagerly returned to running and found my way to the trails and ultra distances.  I have always enjoyed running for its simplicity and great exercise, and the trails outside are my favorite place to do it!  Fresh air, beautiful nature and wildlife, and often the company of good friends are all reasons that I love the trails so much.

I had the privilege of working for Fleet Feet at the Roseville store from 2012 until late summer of 2014.  I have been one of the coaches for our Intro to Trail Running and Training group this July.  I have also spent a lot of time being involved with my son’s cross country and track teams at Oakmont High School for the last four years.  Running is definitely a passion of mine, and I love to share that excitement with others.  Being able to encourage and help others experience such an incredible life sport is an honor. 

Come learn about the trails and all they have to offer with me and Carrie!

Carrie Hyatt -Trail Training Coach & Training Programs Director

I developed a love for running as a teenager and used it as cross-training for other high school sports. After competing for a season in college, I tried every distance on the road from the 5k to the marathon. I ran my first CIM in 1995 and realized that I loved the challenge, both mentally and physically. I’ve finished 10 marathons since then, including Boston this year. After starting my family in 2003, I was ready for a new challenge and I tried my hand at trail running. Wow, I had no idea what I’d been missing! I quickly realized how lucky we are to have literally hundreds of miles in the Auburn State Recreation Area in our backyard. I completed Way Too Cool 50k as my first ultra distance race and have gone on to complete many 50 mile events and several 100 mile events, including Western States 100 and Tahoe Rim Trail 100.

I have loved coaching with the Fleet Feet Roseville/Folsom Team because I can share my passion for running and my experiences with others so that they may hone their own skills, overcome fears, and challenge themselves. I’m really looking forward to introducing our new Trail Training Program! We will explore everything that our trails have to offer, try new things, discover new comfort levels, and have a great time doing it!

Questions for Carrie on our training programs, please email her at

Michelle Hall -Half Marathon Coach

My running background started in college, but it developed into a passion after graduation. I have been running continuously for 10 years and completed race distances from half marathons (both trail and road races) to marathons along with a few triathlons.  

While I partake in many other exercise programs (cross training, yoga, rowing, swimming, cycling), the one I always come back to is running. Running provides the opportunity to discover new areas of a town and meet new people - especially when training in a group.  

I started with Fleet Feet as a mentor for the California International Marathon Training program in 2017 as a way to showcase my passion of running to others and provide the support that is often needed in training sessions. My favorite aspect of coaching is getting to know runners backgrounds and what motivates them to partake in the sport.  

Amy Weatherford -Obstacle Course Training

A friend of mine introduced me to Spartan in 2015 at the Sacramento Sprint. Since then, one of my main training goals has been geared toward getting better at completing obstacles. I recently completed my first Spartan Trifecta at the Lake Tahoe Beast! I was so excited when I heard that Fleet Feet Roseville/Folsom was starting a training group for this type of race, so I quickly jumped on board. Now I have the chance to share my experience with people who have similar goals or who just want to try something new. The sport is always growing and evolving, which makes training both challenging and fun! 

Heidi Paulsen -Limitless Coach

I ran cross country and track in middle and high school and found that I loved the bonding, unity, and sense of accomplishment running could bring. I have continued to run races ranging from 5k to marathon. Some of my best friends have been made and endured through the years because of running. My passion for coaching has always been for showing the beginner that they are capable of reaching levels further and faster than they thought possible. Nothing is better than seeing the spark in a new runners eyes when they achieve a new milestone every week of the Limitless training.

Dan Napieralski -Road Team Coach


My parents are the ones that got me into running when I was in High School. Running is hard it takes time, effort, and heart. After my first couple of days I remember being more sore and tired than I have ever been. The thought of quitting went through my head several times. However I stuck with it and I am so glad that I did. I would then go on to run competitively throughout high school and college. 

I have run all types of races from 400m to  50k. Currently I find myself running more and more trail races. In addition to running I will also spend several day in a gym or a yoga studio. 

When it comes to coaching it’s not just about training someone to run longer. It is about showing someone how to run better, faster, more efficient, and must of all smarter. You need to incorporate speed training, form drills, and proper pacing in every training program. The biggest mistake that new people make is they run the easy runs too hard and the hard runs too easy. As a coach my number one goal is to not just make people run but to teach them how to run . 

Matt LoForte – Race Team Coach 


I started running at a young age when my mom signed me up for my first 5k at the age of ten. That was when I fell in love with the sport. I competed in cross country and track in both high school and college. The thing that always kept me motivated throughout the years was the comradery of being on a team. Running is one of those special sports where individual achievement is important, but so much more can be accomplished with a support system. Having teammates to train with and work towards similar goals is an amazing aspect of running. It becomes a second family to rely on. 

Before working at Folsom/Roseville, I used to work at another Fleet Feet location where I specialized in coaching track workouts. In addition, I also coached high school cross country and track. The thing I love the most is helping people of all levels with their training goals providing a positive and uplifting support system.  

Amanda Evans -Limitless Coach

I started playing sports at a young age, and running was mostly a warm-up or a punishment.  When I joined the volleyball team in high school, we had a conditioning week where a mile was a warm-up for the day.  I hated every second of that week.  Quickly though, I noticed I loved the results:  I felt better, I was a better player, and it helped build our team camaraderie (we all hated our coach together).  

I went on to dabble in every type of fitness as I worked my way to my goal of a degree in Exercise Science.  I still thought of running as something that just needed to be done to keep me healthy and in shape, but I was never really consistent with it.  It wasn't until I started working for Fleet Feet in 2014, when I was talked into signing up for my first Half Marathon.  While training with our training group I found that sense of camaraderie that I missed from playing sports.  I was hooked.  

I always wanted to be a coach and teach people what I know and have worked so hard to understand myself.  I was fortunate enough to start working with Limitless while they were training for Shamrockn 2014 and have been with them ever since.  I love sharing my story of how I finally fell in love with running, as i try to help others find their way. 

Eric Toschi - Trail Coach

I started running when I was in junior high and that continued with cross country and track in high school. In college, I ran road races from distances of 5k to a half marathon. After taking a break in my 30's, I came back to running and started running trails. I had always enjoyed hiking/backpacking in the mountains. When I realized I could run all the trails I hiked, my passion for trail running grew tremendously. I enjoy spending hours in the mountains, so I quickly gravitated towards running ultras. I ran Western States Endurance Run 100, in 2011 and usually choose a 100 miler each year to run. 

I was lucky enough to start mentoring with the Fleet Feet Ultra Training program in 2012 and transitioning to one of the program coaches. I was able to continue helping trail runners as a presenter with the Fleet Feet Ultra Seminar series. It is extremely rewarding guiding runners and seeing them gain confidence, learn, grow, surpass their expectations and enjoy themselves on the trails. It is an honor to share the knowledge/experiences I have gained from others, while trail running, and pass that information on to new people.  So please come out join the fun we will have in the Trail Training Program!

You!  Interested in becoming a Fleet Feet Sports Coach, please email Carrie Hyatt, our Training Director at

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