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Carrie Hyatt -Trail Training Coach & Training Programs Director


I developed a love for running as a teenager and used it as cross-training for other high school sports. After competing for a season in college, I tried every distance on the road from the 5k to the marathon. I ran my first CIM in 1995 and realized that I loved the challenge, both mentally and physically. I’ve finished 10 marathons since then, including Boston in 2016. After starting my family in 2003, I was ready for a new challenge and I tried my hand at trail running. Wow, I had no idea what I’d been missing! I quickly realized how lucky we are to have literally hundreds of miles of trails within the Auburn State Recreation Area in our backyard. I completed Way Too Cool 50k as my first ultra distance race in 2003 and have gone on to complete many 50 mile events and several 100 mile events, including Western States 100 and Tahoe Rim Trail 100.

I have loved coaching with the Fleet Feet Folsom & Roseville Team because I can share my passion and experiences with others so that they may hone their own skills, overcome fears, and challenge themselves. Join us as we explore new trails and learn about trail running. I’m looking forward to our next Trail Training Program!

Questions for Carrie on our training programs, please email her at Carrie@fleetfeetfolsom.com

Rochelle Gamette -Half Marathon/Marathon Coach


I started running about 15 years ago when the challenge of a triathlon peaked my interest.  I loved the variety and challenge of multi-sport training.  After competing in several triathalons and duathlons, I transitioned into long distance running with Shamrock’n being my first half marathon.  I have since accomplished countless half marathons, several marathons and 50k trail runs.  

Running brings me great joy and I love sharing the sport with others and my family.  I have been a youth cross country coach for kids ages 9-13 for the last 7 years.  I began working at Fleet Feet 4 years ago to further share my experience and education in running with others. 

I am thrilled to have joined the Fleet Feet coaching team in 2017 with the CIM training program.  I enjoy encouraging both new and experienced runners to accomplish their goals.  Together we can train smart, have fun and cross the finish line!

Heidi Paulsen -Limitless Coach

I ran cross country and track in middle and high school and found that I loved the bonding, unity, and sense of accomplishment running could bring. I have continued to run races ranging from 5k to marathon. Some of my best friends have been made and endured through the years because of running. My passion for coaching has always been for showing the beginner that they are capable of reaching levels further and faster than they thought possible. Nothing is better than seeing the spark in a new runners eyes when they achieve a new milestone every week of the Limitless training. 

Amanda Evans -Limitless Coach

I started playing sports at a young age, and running was mostly a warm-up or a punishment.  When I joined the volleyball team in high school, we had a conditioning week where a mile was a warm-up for the day.  I hated every second of that week.  Quickly though, I noticed I loved the results:  I felt better, I was a better player, and it helped build our team camaraderie (we all hated our coach together).  

I went on to dabble in every type of fitness as I worked my way to my goal of a degree in Exercise Science.  I still thought of running as something that just needed to be done to keep me healthy and in shape, but I was never really consistent with it.  It wasn't until I started working for Fleet Feet in 2014, when I was talked into signing up for my first Half Marathon.  While training with our training group I found that sense of camaraderie that I missed from playing sports.  I was hooked.  

I always wanted to be a coach and teach people what I know and have worked so hard to understand myself.  I was fortunate enough to start working with Limitless while they were training for Shamrockn 2014 and have been with them ever since.  I love sharing my story of how I finally fell in love with running, as i try to help others find their way. 

Nichole Schultz - Obstacle Course Racing Coach

Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer for 14 years, ending my career upon graduating college. I decided I needed to find something fun and exciting to keep me fit, and stumbled upon obstacle course racing! My coaching experience includes personal training, small & large group fitness classes, and swim lessons. More importantly, I have a passion for helping others and assisting them to become the best version of themselves! If you’re interested in improving strength, having fun, gaining great friends, and doing things you never thought possible, I would definitely recommend signing up for Obstacle Course Training. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Excercise & Sport Science and am a certified yoga teacher.

Darren Morgan -Half Marathon Coach

I started running for the Roseville Gazelles when I was 12 and ran cross country and track in high school. I started again when I was 42 and challenged a close friend to a mile race and walked the last 400 meters. I then decided it was time to get in shape. Since then running has been my vehicle to achieve my fitness goals. 

I have been a member of Fleet Feet Racing for 2 years and have recently become a team mentor. I have run 2 marathons 10 half Marathons and too many 5k and 10k races to count.

I am excited to share my racing and training experiences and helping others achieve their fitness and distance goals.

Amy Weatherford -Obstacle Course Training Coach

A friend of mine got me hooked on OCR in 2015 at the Sacramento Spartan Race. Since then, I’ve earned two Trifectas and completed eleven obstacle course races. I’ve been coaching the Fleet Feet OCR Training Program for over two years. The best part is watching people reach goals they never imagined possible and giving them the confidence to go into a race feeling strong and excited

Laura Moore -Limitless Coach

Up through high school I played softball and basketball.  Back then running was a warm up and a cool down.  After college and getting settled into my career, I discovered running was a great way to stay in cardiovascular shape, and found the extra bonus of the social aspect of being with people that enjoyed the sport.

As with a lot of people, my career got busier and life got in the way.  Taking care of me fell lower on the list.   When I finally decided it was time to get back on track I was introduced to Limitless at Fleet Feet.  Wow, did that open a whole new world.  I have now participated in most of the training programs offered at Fleet Feet, and joined the Fleet Feet Racing Team.   Limitless is a great place to either learn about and begin to run, or like me, come back to a sport you have been away from for a while. The Limitless groups have members of all ages, sizes, and abilities.  The common intrinsic belief is “yes, we all can do this”.  Come join us.   We will provide you with support, plans, and education to get you on your way.  You may start with a goal of completing a 5 or 10k, but who knows where you may go once you take your limits off.

Jocelyn Schmidt  -Racing Team Coach

I’ve worked for Fleet Feet Folsom & Roseville since 2013 and have been managing our Folsom location since 2017.  I began coaching with our Shamrock’n Training Program and jumped on board as a Co-Coach for the Racing Team in March of 2018.  Coaching the Racing Team is an enlightening experience watching and following each runner and walker reach their goals and encouraging one another to get there.

I ran at a competitive level for over 9 years and have recently decided to make the switch to ultra-running after completing my last track season for SOU.  I started with a 50k in August of 2017 and ran the Lake Sonoma 50 Miler in April of 2018. My long-term goal is to run Western States 100 Miler one day!


You!  Interested in becoming a Fleet Feet Coach, please email Carrie Hyatt, our Training Director at Carrie@fleetfeetfolsom.com

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