Racing Team

2019 Fleet Feet Folsom/Roseville Racing Team

Interested in expanding your run experiences?

Maybe you just want to develop a regular running routine, to improve your health or strengthen your abilities?

Possibly, you just want to hang out with likeminded people who enjoy running outdoors in this amazing area?

If so, join up with our Fleet Feet Racing Team! The race team consists of runners of all abilities from walkers to speedsters and everyone in between. We have those passionate about short 5k running all the way up to those who love the ultra-distance of 50k or more. We are a diverse group ranging in age from teenagers to seniors. Along with our coaches, we have multiple mentors who support and encourage you to stay on track with consistent training in a fun, team environment.

What is the Racing Team all about?

Our Racing Team is driven by passionate coaches who lead weekly runs, and experienced mentors to help facilitate workouts. Through our Fleet Feet Racing Team, our coaches will facilitate year-round runs for participants to meet up, gather, and run together.

Team Details

  • Year-round program
  • Training plans for goal races
  • 4 goal races strategically placed quarterly
    • Lost Trail Half Marathon, Granite Bay, CA (Trail)
    • April 27th, Parkway Half Marathon, Carmichael, CA (Road)
    • July 28th, Blood, Sweat, and Beers, Auburn, CA (Trail)
    • November 10Run the Parkway 13.1, 20 Miler, and 4.4 Mile walk, Carmichael, CA (Bike Trail)
  • Two coached workouts
    • Thursday @ 6PM
    • Saturday @ 8AM
    • Meetup locations will primarily meet in Folsom with occasional workouts closer to our Roseville location
  • Facebook private group access
  • Monthly emails with upcoming training schedule and updates
  • Printable event calendar featuring Fleet Feet Events and training
  • Team challenges and social events year-round
  • All racing distances are welcome!
  • Program fee of $150

Please email coach Jocelyn if you have any questions on the team.

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