Sports Bras

Not all sports bras are created equal...

A good sports bra helps to eliminate breast movement and must have

  • The ability to wick moisture, particularly between the breasts
  • Breathe ability for a cooling flow of air.
  • Ability to dry quickly
  • Correct proportions and contours to minimize chafing
  • Straps that do not dig into the shoulders
  • A band that does not shift or bind
  • Soft thread to minimize skin irritation
  • At least 25% Lycra to compress the breasts sufficiently.

There are three main types of sports bras

  • Compression (Least support)
    • Most common
    • Designed to press breasts flat, as a single unit, to minimize movement
    • Best for A and B cup women
  • Compression/Encapsulation
    • Designed to encapsulate each breast and press them to the chest
    • Best for C, D and some DD women
  • Encapsulation (Most Support)
    • Looks more like regular bra
    • May have an underwire
    • Offers the most support by harnessing each breast individually

A sports bra’s fit is an integral part of its support

  • The band of the bra should be offering the most support
  • The cups of the bra keep the breast in place and provide additional support
  • The straps are designed to do the least amount of work.
  • A good sports bra will fit more snugly than a regular bra.
  • Test for control with jogging in place or jumping jacks
  • The band should not ride up with activity

Remember that the life of a sports bra is approximately 6-12 months or 52 washings.


Fleet Feet Sports Fair Oaks - Roseville offers a selection of high impact bras from Enell, Champion, and Moving Comfort. 

Not sure which size is right? Our bra fit process will help you determine which bra is right for you.

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