WS100 Volunteers Needed!


The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run is coming up on Saturday & Sunday, June 28-29 and we’re in need of volunteers!

 Our aid station at mile 99 marks the end of the dirt trails and the beginning of the final hill and push to the finish.  The leaders and many of the top 50 finishers will require little to no aid from us other than topping their bottle off.  Once the sun comes up and temps rise (6am-11am), each runner will need aid.  The past few years has been very warm and we’ve spent most of Sunday morning cooling down the runners with ice and towels around their necks –running down the hill to assist them and back up to fill bottles.  This aid station is very rewarding, busy, and time consuming, but it’s a great event and you’ll come away with satisfaction knowing you’ve helped hundred of individuals do something remarkable!

 This year due to high demand we’re limiting the number of volunteers, utilizing the below link and form to secure 35 dedicated helpers.

 We hope you’ll consider volunteering.

 Kind Regards,

 Kirk Edgerton & Dan Brockman

Robie Point AS Captains

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